St. John’s Church Appoints Author as New Rector, New York

St John's Church exterior, Ogdensburg, NYYep, the “Doc” is in New York now–closer to his northern roots, and loving every minute of the colder weather and delicious four seasons.  “I just love to refrigerate my fat,” O’Donnell quips.  “And, I’m the quintessential ‘leaf-peeper’; fall is my second favorite time of the year, just behind winter.”

St. John’s Church is Gothic architecture, dating back to the 19th Century.  The stained glass windows are simply magnificent, and harken back to a time when they were used to tell the stories of Christ and his goodly band of Apostles.  Nestled in each corner of the nave are two beautifully appointed side chapels–one dedicated to the Holy Family and the other to our Armed Forces.  There’s even a Bishop’s Throne, reminding everyone that this flock belongs to the Ordinary: The Right Reverend William H. Love, D.D., Bishop of Albany, New York.

With it’s imposing four-pointed bell tower, and carefully manicured campus, St. John’s Church houses a number of historic treasures–a hand-carved baptistry; a gold-framed, painted portrait of the first Rector (dating back to the 1820s); and centuries old “holy hardware” of every imaginable shape and size.

“But, the real treasures,” O’Donnell would remind us, “are the families–many of whom have been connected with St. John’s through their ancestors who helped found the historic Episcopal parish generations ago.”  “It’s easy to fall in love, here” concludes O’Donnell, who plans to be an author-in-residence until he either passes into Glory or retires at a ripe old age, which ever comes first.

For those interested in learning more about this historic monument, here’s a link: St. John’s web page.

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Michael O’Donnell, PhD Professor Michael O’Donnell was graduated with a Ph.D. from Kansas State University and is best known for his National Adolescent Wellness Research Project, co-conducted with family strengths scholar, Professor Nick Stinnett, Ph.D–a professor with the University of Alabama. Their research has been the focus of numerous books, radio, TV, and print features, such as USA Today, Better Homes and Gardens, and Ebony-Jet magazines; as well as CNN Evening News, Associated Press, CBS Interactive Business Network, and ABC’s nationally syndicated radio program, “The Best of Our Knowledge”. Professor O’Donnell has an active blog and speaking ministry and lives with his wife, Rachel, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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