“[Dr. Michael O’Donnell’s] thoughtful insights will help men raise sons in loving, effective homes.”
–Church Libraries

“…Combines scriptural wisdom with practical advice.”
–Bookstore Journal

“The author uses personal family anecdotes and is highly visible and qualified to write this advice-giving tome. [We give it our highest rating] a five for Quality and a five for Acceptability.”
–Christian Library Journal

“I would recommend that this [book] be used as a textbook for a boy’s class or Sunday school class for men with children and teenagers.”
–Ft. Worth Christian School Review Group

“Fathering skills, in fact, seem to be on the minds of many Christian authors nowadays, and Bethany House is pressing ahead into what it sees as a competitive niche [with What A Son Needs from His Dad].”
–Publishers weekly

“O’Donnell has filled his book with ways fathers can do things differently—and sometimes even better—than their own fathers did.”
–Ink magazine

“Today, on the crest of the Men’s Movement, O’Donnell is involved in a variety of books…dealing with the spiritual lives of men and their relationships with their families.”
–The Christian Chronicle

“If you’re like most dads, you feel the weight of responsibility to rear your sons to be men of healthy masculine character. But what does that entail? Dr. Michael O’Donnell identifies seven things [in his book, What A Son Needs from His dad] you should prepare your sons to be through your own example.”
–New Man magazine



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